EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. It’s a form of psychological acupressure that uses energy meridians and positive language to clear emotional and energetic blocks.

EFT Tapping works best for clearing self doubt, anxiety, fear, sadness, and other self limiting beliefs.

Benefits of EFT Tapping

EFT has some unique attributes. It is a refreshing and remarkably effective mix of traditional Western psychotherapy with the ancient wisdom discovered over 5000 years ago in the East. It was discovered that the body possesses invisible channels through which energy flows. These channels are called meridians and the acupuncture points along these meridians are known as meridian points. Since 2002, Dr. Dawson Church, Ph.D., has been researching EFT’s effectiveness.

  • Creates a higher vibration
  • Releases stuck energy
  • Clears negative emotions
  • Creates positive emotional states
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Improves inner peace and calmness
  • Release Limiting Beliefs

A little about me


My name is Linda Hampton.  I am a, Women’ Life Purpose Coach for Empty Nesters and Founder Shifting Gears Purpose Driven Empty Nesters

I empower women to put themselves first so they can live their purpose without fear or guilt holding them back.

It makes me crazy when I think of all the brilliant, women  I’ve met over the years – who like me, had wanted to finally begin  living their passions but were still stuck in their limited programming, making a limited impact and an equally painful limited income. My scientific brain knew this was a puzzle I had to solve – and now I had new tools!

I began pursuing my passions for the first time and started my own as a transformation  coach. I became certified in the mind body techniques of EFT/Tapping, and Reiki Healing.

I use EFT tapping as a way to gently and easily clear self-doubt, anxiety, worry, fear and self-limiting beliefs that might be creating havoc in your life.

Supporting other women on their personal growth journey is what gets me out of bed in the morning.