Cure Toxic Trauma Empowering Your Path to Healing from Toxic Trauma

As a Registered Nurse, I have dedicated my career to working with adults of all ages, employing an integrative approach that emphasizes the mind, body, and soul to facilitate healing and foster personal growth in my clients.

My advanced training and keen interest in PTSD, Complex PTSD, and trauma-related issues have equipped me with the skills to address a wide array of challenges. I utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) as a powerful tool to help women take bold, imperfect action and transform their lives.

During my journey of healing, I have encountered many remarkable individuals who have survived traumatic experiences. Just like me, they aspire to pursue their passions, but they feel restricted by their limiting beliefs, which prevent them from making a significant impact in their lives. Intrigued by my scientific curiosity, I have made it my mission to unravel the mystery behind these limitations and discover how to overcome them. Come along with me on this transformative expedition as we learn to heal from toxic trauma and prioritize our well-being.

Research Shows

  • Emotional trauma’s profound impact on mental and physical well-being.
  • Trauma sources: abuse, neglect, loss, distressing experience
  • Manifestations: anxiety, depression, physical ailment
  • Exploration of various therapeutic approaches
  • Complementary practices: mindfulness, yoga, EFT Tapping
    Focus on self-awareness, self-compassion, emotional regulation
  • Combining evidence-based therapies and complementary practices for comprehensive recovery
  • Empowering individuals to reclaim lives and thrive

Areas Of Expertise

  • I support women to move through guilt, fear, comparison, imposter syndrome and whatever else is holding them back from their purpose.
  • I create space for women to listen to that gut instinct, follow their curiosity and let it lead them to a purpose-driven, beautiful life.
  • I empower women to challenge themselves, leave their comfort zone and have the self-belief to set and achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed about.
  • I encourage my clients to make time for self-care, set healthy boundaries and create a work/life balance that allows them to thrive

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